Diversity Support

Would you like to to attend ScotlandJS and are part of an underrepresented group? If so we can help!

There is funding to support a number of:

  • Diversity Support Tickets - which means a free ticket for you!
  • Scholarship - which means a free ticket and assistance with travel and accommodation!

Diversity Support Tickets are aimed at helping those within daily travelling distance of the conference attend when they would otherwise be unable.

Scholarships are targeting helping those from within the UK and Europe to attend. People from further afeild are encouraged to apply and this programme will try to ease the financial burden of attending an event like this.

Jessica Rose wil independently be reviewing all submissions and contacting applicants, so make sure and explain why participating will help you.

Apply now!

We are currently accepting donations to our Diversity Fund, which will be supporting the Diversity Programme. As a thank you for helping grow our community and encourage progammes like this we are happy to add your companies logo to the website.

ScotlandJS and ScotlandCSS conferences have existed as a self-sufficient event for a number of years. As a separate initiative, this year we are looking to support underrepresented groups with tickets, and further financial support.

We have been working for years to improve the gender balance of our conferences, particularly around speakers. We have already organised and ran support groups in 5 cities across 4 countries to support members of the community and encourage them to give their first talk.

The number of proposals submitted has rise from 140 in 2015 to 190 in 2016, with a massive jump in proposals from women from 6% to 17% of all submissions.

We are looking to make 30 tickets available to ScotlandJS and 30 for ScotlandCSS, our two conferences running back to back from June 1st-3rd. We are also looking to provide support for speakers from underrepresented groups, to cover transport, accommodation and other relevant associated costs.

We would like to make it clear that ScotlandJS and ScotlandCSS are run on a break even policy and are self-sufficient. Nobody makes any financial gains from putting together these events. The conferences will sell out to 250 attendees but we want to reach out to and support those from underrepresented groups and encourage them to attend.

To do that we need your assistance to help grown a more inclusive, positive and diverse development community.

Please get in touch if you would like to support us.

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