Scotland JS

Edinburgh, June 2nd and 3rd 2016


Raquel Vélez


Livi Erickson

Virtual Reality: Why?

Ola Gasidlo

I'm offline, cool! What now?

Robin Mehner

Surviving JavaScript

Charlotte Spencer

Open Open Source

C J Silverio

Monitoring on a budget

Cat Hawker

Creating accessible components

Chad Gowler

How to ask about gender

Clay Smith

Introduction to HTTP/2: The Weird Parts

Dan Jenkins

Getting Physical with Web Bluetooth in the Browser

Dan Jenkins

Getting Physical with Web Bluetooth in the Browser

Evan Morikawa

JS Takes the Desktop: Electron, React, and Native Win/Mac/Linux Experiences At Scale

Ewan Dennis

Personal Data Mining (Not) Just For Fun

Irina Shestak

Javascript Takes on Genetically Evolving Cellular Automata

James Halliday

p2p off the grid

Jem Young

ESNext, Service Workers, and the future of JavaScript

Kim Crayton

Overcoming the Challenges of Mentoring


10 Feet and Rising- Building television-friendly web pages

Matthew Podwysocki

Async Programming at Netflix, Microsoft, Slack and the world!

Ruth John

Let’s talk about MIDI.

Sílvia Pina

How cognitive psychology can help you write better code

Ruth John and Tim Pietrusky

Live Audio and Visual Spectacular


Tickets batches:

  • Early Bird, voting tickets. 11th January. Sold out
  • 23rd March. Sold Out
  • 21st April. Sold Out
  • 4th May Sold Out
  • Wednesday 25th May at 9am

We have a variety of tickets available during the next ticket drop:

  • £160 Student Ticket
  • £240 Standard Ticket
  • £480 Standard Ticket + 100% Diversity Ticket
  • £360 ScotlandJS + ScotlandCSS Combo Ticket
Please note that Diversity Tickets are granted to applicants of the Diversity Programme, which is managed by ScotlandJS.

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Our home again for the third time is the stunning, Our Dynamic Earth, situated across the road from parliament and infront of Sailsbury Crags!

Our Dynamic Earth
Holyrood Rd

There are plenty of accommodation options near the venue.

A full list of options, including bed & breakfasts, can be found at


June 2nd Evening Options

Whisky JS

Once again we'll be having another edition of the legendary Whisky JS!

Rod Graham will lead a five dram tasting experience where you will learn all about the water of life.

Hike JS

For those who like the outdoors Hike JS will take a short journey up Arthurs Seat lead by the illustrious Lewis Cowper where you will be rewarded with an amazing view across the city.

Please be prepared for our lovely ever-changing Scottish weather.

There is a clear path to follow however participation is undertaken at your own risk.


We know how hard it is for parents to attend events like this while juggling childcare so, thanks to the kind folks at Cucumber, we will have onsite childcare during the conference!

The law in Scotland around childcare is very strict to ensure safety and our childcare provider has already performed a full risk assessment. Please note if you live in Scotland and your child would need to be out of school, by law our childcare service provider is legally required to be given a letter from your childs headteacher allowing them to be out of school.

If you would like to make use of the childcare facilities we do need to know in advance of the event for staffing purposes so please get in touch.

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Please contact us for sponsorship and diversity support opportunities.

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