JavaScript keeps growing and growing. It is the language most repos on GitHub are written in!

Scotland JS aims to bring together local and international speakers and to enable attendees to share their experiences and learn we are introducing a new Discussion Track.

Charity Day Tutorial

We are pleased to announce that Todd Kaufman and Justin Searls from TestDouble are making the journey from Ohio to put on their Real-world JavaScript Testing workshop as part of ScotlandJS in aid of Maggie's Cancer Centres.

Full details can be found here.





Help, I'm stuck in an event-loop.

No more `grunt watch`: Modern build workflows with Broccoli


Beyond the AST - A Fr**ework for Learnable Programming

A Humane Introduction to Functional Programming


ServiceWorker & the offline web

High Performance Visualizations with Canvas


Let's talk... mental health

Make: the forgotten build tool


Making math come alive with JavaScript

Cylon.js: The JavaScript Evolution Of Open Source Robotics


A future called Web Components

The Realtime Web: We're Doing it Wrong.


JavaScript Testing Tactics

Refactoring Legacy Code


JavaScript Security: myths, fallacies and anti-patterns

Build Your Own AngularJS


Build Games with JavaScript and Phaser

Don't Go Changin'


How design happens at GitHub

Getting started with three.js and WebGL


Testing Ginormous JavaScript Apps

Yield! How ES6 Generators and Monocle-js Can Bring Async Into Line, Literally


Building a collaborative audio editor based on the Web Audio API

Further Adventures in Hyperaudio


Our Dynamic Earth
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