Scotland JS

Edinburgh, July 19th and 20th 2018


Amanda O'Connell: Let's talk... mental health

Angelina Fabbro: Keynote

Coby Chapple: How design happens at GitHub

Dave Kennedy: Foundations for Assemble

Gabe Hollombe: Build Games with JavaScript and Phaser

James Coglan: Make: the forgotten build tool

Jan Monschke: Building a collaborative audio editor based on the Web Audio API

Jason Frame: Beyond the AST - A Fr**ework for Learnable Programming

Jaume Sanchez Elias: Getting started with three.js and WebGL

Jo Liss: No more `grunt watch`: Modern build workflows with Broccoli

Joe Pettersson: JavaScript Security: myths, fallacies and anti-patterns

John Sutherland: A Humane Introduction to Functional Programming

Jonathan Lipps: Yield! How ES6 Generators and Monocle-js Can Bring Async Into Line, Literally

Jonathan Martin: The Realtime Web: We're Doing it Wrong.

Justin Searls: JavaScript Testing Tactics

Matt Field: Don't Go Changin'

Mikeal Rogers: Keynote

Phil Leggetter: Testing Ginormous JavaScript Apps

Philip Roberts: Help, I'm stuck in an event-loop.

Ron Evans: Cylon.js: The JavaScript Evolution Of Open Source Robotics

Ryan Sandor Richards: High Performance Visualizations with Canvas

Stian Veum Mollersen: Making math come alive with JavaScript

Sugendran Ganess: Refactoring Legacy Code

Tero Parviainen: Build Your Own AngularJS

Tom Ashworth: ServiceWorker & the offline web

Zeno Rocha Bueno Netto: A future called Web Components

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