Scotland JS

Edinburgh, July 19th and 20th 2018


Bernard Kobos: Automated Cross-browser Testing with Node

Boydlee Pollentine: REST Easy With Deployd (Rapid API Creation)

Damian Nicholson: Writing (testable | maintainable | scalable | rock solid) JavaScript

Dominic Tarr: The database of the future: leveldb

David Bruant: Asynchronous patterns

Gregor Martynus: Look ma no backend

Huong Vu (Zi): Embracing IndexedDB

James Shore: Rigorous, Professional Javascript

Jan Lehnardt: Keynote

Jason Frame: Live coding in JS

Mark Boas: Hyperaudio - Making Audio a First Class Citizen of the Web

Ole Michaelis: Automated deployments with robots

Philip Roberts: Enemy of the state: An introduction to Functional Reactive Programming and Bacon.

Ryan Sandor Richards: Front-to-back: Architecting your data reporting and visualization stack

Sebastian Golasch: The Browser, the programmer and the Dalek

Family Photo