Scotland JS

Edinburgh, June 2nd and 3rd 2016

SOLD OUT: ReactJS Workshop: June 4th

Building JavaScript Applications with ReactJS

The age of JavaScript applications is upon us. In this workshop we’ll deep dive into Facebook’s ReactJS, an ambitious web framework that’s taken the community by storm. React takes a different approach to other popular frameworks and in this workshop we’ll explore the benefits of its approaches before spending most of the day harnessing them to create JavaScript applications. We’ll meet and conquer JSX, React’s solution to templating in JavaScript applications, learn how React renders changes and how and when to use props vs state in React.

Along the way we’ll use a variety of tools and libraries to enhance our applications, covering the following throughout the day:

  • Webpack and jspm, tools for managing and bundling our applications, along with managing our development workflow.
  • Various ECMAScript 2015 (ES6) features that make React even nicer to work with.
  • Making our apps play nicely with URLs using React-Router.
  • Structuring data in applications using Redux.
  • How to test React web applications and components.
  • Server side rendering.


  • Solid understanding of JavaScript
  • Node.JS installed (at least 0.12)

Where and When?

This workshop will be held in the FanDuel office at 10:00am until 5pm.

FanDuel Ltd
Quartermile One,
15 Lauriston Place

Jack Franklin

ReactJS Workshop